Philharmonic hall. Karol Szymanowski (Filharmonia im. Karola Szymanowskiego)

The Philharmonic Concert Hall was founded in Krakow in 1945. In the early sixties of the twentieth century, it was named after one of the most famous Polish pianist and music critic - Karol Szymanowski.
The building, which now houses the Philharmonic Hall, was built in the early thirties of the twentieth century. The architect was Josef Pokutyński.
The very first performance of Philharmonic Orchestra took place in early February 1945.
In the mid-forties of the twentieth century, together with the Philharmonic Orchestra a mixed choir was established. In five years it reached such indicators that it was awarded with the professional status. It was then, in Krakovskovskoy Philharmonic the Children's Choir which included only boys was formed.
In the early nineties, the organ was damaged by fire, but in 1996 the Philharmonic had received a new instrument of well-known German brand.
At present, the Philharmonic concert hall is able to take 693 spectators.
In the mid-eighties the building of Krakow Philharmonic was officially classified as a cultural heritage.
Address: Zwierzyniecka 1, Krakow
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    Great performances. Especially from the director's loca!

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