The Schindler Factory (Fabryka Schindlera)

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Three Jewish manufacturers were founders of Schindler's factory, and it used to be called "Record". In 1937 it was planned that it would deal with the release of goods from tin and brass. But within a year the factory went bankrupt and then the management over it was received by the German manufacturer Oskar Schindler.
In the early forties, he has completely replaced all the equipment delivered lathes, various tools for cutting metal. The factory completely changed its specialization and expanded its production capacity. It launched an enameled bowl and various metal products.
During World War II, the Nazis had organized a department in the factory, which manufactured bombs and explosives for Germany. All workers - Poles were dismissed and Jews from the Krakow ghetto were brought in instead. Oskar Schindler was able to save the lives of 1,100 Jewish workers, due to the fact that he was able to include them in the list, such as those that cannot be replaced.
In our time, Schindler's factory is used as a museum. Here you can see numerous photographs, archival documents that demonstrate how people lived and Krakow Jews during the occupation.
Address: Lipowa 4, Krakow
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  • Anna, 11-01-2015

    Великолепный музей не только об истории фабрики, но и обо всей истории предвоенного, послевоенного и Кракова под оккупацией

  • Laura, 25-11-2014

    Amazing place - a definite must see when in Kraków! Very informative and interesting. It's free entry to the museum on Mondays (open 10am - 2pm) and takes approx. 1.5hrs to get round it!

  • Krzysia, 17-09-2013

    Warto zakupić podwójny bilet obejmujący wejście do MOCAK'u.

  • Dan, 02-09-2013

    There isn't actually much information on Schindler. The displays mainly concentrate on the early occupation of Krakow/Poland 1939 - 1943.

  • Caglar, 10-08-2013

    Extremely stunning with hundreds of old photos and artificial decorations.

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