Drama theatre "Latina Nova" (Teatr Łaźnia Nowa)

"Łaźnia Nowa" drama theatre is located on Osedle-Shkolne Street, 25, in the city of Krakow. Previously there was Krakow College of Electrical Engineering. The area occupied by the teatre is 4500 square meters. At first, it was just an amateur theater called "Laznya." The current theater was founded a little later, in the beginning of January 2005.
Mr. Bartosz Szydlowski became an art director and remains one till today

"Łaźnia Nowa Theatre" is currently engaged in arranging various exhibitions, festivals, film screenings, as well as showing its performances to general public
Sometimes, the theater shows its performances directly in the open area. The troupe travels with tours and arranges performances directly in the courtyards or on the square of the city. Each month "Łaźnia Nowa Theatre" performs its show called "the Icebreaker", and does it absolutely for free.

In a relatively short time of its existence, the theater has already gained many awards and prizes. For example, the play "I Love Bogdan B." at the Festival of new drama the viewers have recognized it as the best. The play "Sugar is normal" in 2005 became the winner of competition in all Poland.
Address: Osiedle Szkolne 25, Krakow
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  • Alexey, 12-06-2014

    Зайти поискать памятник писающему Ленину

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    Na burzę tylko w stanie nietrzeźwości umysłu...

  • Teatr, 23-06-2012

    Zamelduj się 23 czerwca 2012 i odbierz plakat do spektaklu Antyzwiastowanie!

  • Teatr, 15-06-2012

    Zamelduj się w Łaźni Nowej 15 czerwca i odbierz plakat do spektaklu Antyzwiastowanie z autografem!

  • Teatr, 25-05-2012

    Zamelduj się w Dniu Otwartym Teatru Łaźnia Nowa (25 maja 2012, 14:00-17:00) i odbierz kartę z autografami Jana Peszka, Błażeja Peszka i Tymona Tymańskiego oraz plakat do Wejścia Smoka!

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