The Church Of St. Peter and Paul Church (Kościół św. Piotra i Pawła)

The Church (Chapel) of Saints Peter and Paul is located near the Market Square. It was built in 1635. In the same year it was solemnly consecrated. Its construction work began in 1597 and lasted for more than forty years and several architects worked on its design.
At first, this church belonged to the Jesuits, but in the early eighteenth century, the ownership of this church went to the Orthodox Christians and in the middle of the same century the parish was opened.
Just before the entrance to the church, there are figures of the 12 apostles. The interior of the church is made in rather strict style, and does not provide any excess and luxury.
Inside is a very beautiful church organ. In the center of the church is the main altar, which is in the Baroque style.
Currently, the church is under the patronage of the Jagiellonian University - one of the largest universities in Poland.
Address: Grodzka 54, Krakow
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  • Yana, 25-01-2015

    Настолько маленькая, что всех святых пришлось вынести на забор.

  • Nastya, 12-08-2014

    Очень красивый храм, зайдя в который вам предложат наушники с экскурсией на любом удобном вам языке, абсолютно бесплатно!!

  • Pei, 11-08-2014

    Baroque style church. Audio guides for an optional donation.

  • Andy, 01-07-2012

    Very impressive interior if you're looking for some Godly photos

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