The Church Of St. Mary (Bazylika Mariacka)

St. Mary's Church is also called the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This church is located in Gdansk and considered to be the largest brick church in the world. It can accommodate about 25 thousand people. And it has been standing there for nearly 160 years.
It was built in 13-16 century, so it has a Gothic style. Before the Second World War it was considered the Lutheran Church. And at the end of the war it was partially destroyed, part of the arches fell off. Therefore, it was decided of its reconstruction and two years later the roof was restored, and some arches were replaced with the concrete ones. In the 55th year of the XX century it was consecrated again, and since then it became Catholic. And ten years later the Church became Basilica.
Inside the church there are many works of art; it has a stone statue of Virgin Mary, the main altar Ferberov, a copy of the triptych "The Last Judgment", and also many paintings in the Baroque style, which diversify the interior itself.
The church of St. Mary has the famous astronomical clock. And climbing up the 400-m steps, you can see the whole city of Gdansk.
Address: Plac Mariacki 5, Krakow
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  • Tevfik Denizhan, 07-01-2015

    The horn player at tower had been hit by Tatar archer (Turkic tribe) that's why (Idlatego) they don't play long to make people remember but there is a Turkish moon star statue in bazylika.

  • Aleksandra, 01-01-2015

    Probably the most beautiful kościól in Poland and one of the most beautiful in Europe. Definetely worth seeing!

  • Jason, 01-11-2014

    Amazing church. You have to pay to go in across the street in the ticket hall

  • Игорь, 22-01-2014

    Краков один из самых красивых городов, где я побывал. А костёл Св.Марии очень шикарный. Особенно внутри!

  • Andy, 01-07-2012

    Keep an ear out for the trumpeter on the hour. The bugle call comes to an abrupt end in honour of his ancient predecessor who warned that Mongol invaders were_

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