Alpine centre of FORTECA (Forteca)

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In Krakow, there are two objects from the largest climbing center called Fortek. One is located on Racławicka Street, and the second one is on People street, 6.
The Fortek center offers visitors to try their hand in rock-climbing. Visitors are invited to climb to a height of 9 meters overcoming various obstacles along the way.
Climbing center can visit people of different age groups, ranging from 3.5 years of age to a very old. Classes for climbing on rocks are quite useful, as in this case almost all muscle groups are utilized. This kind of sport is even recommended for people with disabilities, as well as rehabilitation after various injuries.
The center offers active recreation for children and adults, leisure and sport for people with disabilities, arranging parties for children, teaching the beginners skills of safe climbing and travelling to the mountains.
Address: Racławicka 60, Krakow
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  • Filip, 03-12-2013

    Dla początkujących jak i wyjadaczy. Po prostu ścianka!

  • DealDriver, 28-06-2012

    Nice place and discounts available with iPhone app -

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