The Golden Gates of Kyiv (Zoloti Vorota)

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The Golden Gates of Kiev are an imperishable landmark of defensive architecture, which was constructed by Yaroslav the Wise, Prince of Kyiv in the 11-th century as a gateway in the fortress in order to protect the city and to keep enemies away.
The landmark is located close to a small and cozy park and a station of the Kyiv Metro bearing the same name "Zoloti Vorota", therefore it is easy to find it.
It was reputedly modeled on the Golden Gate of Constantinople and symbolized the might and power of the Principality of Kyiv.
The monument dedicated to Yaroslav the Wise was unveiled at the Gates, featuring a small historical exhibition.
The Gates were completely reconstructed for the 1500-th anniversary of Kyiv.
Address: вул. Володимирська, 40а, Kiev
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For a gate, its huge, has an interesting history...
FOL-1003 , Out Islands, 2015-03-30
and is worthy a visit. you can climb the roof and check out the views. recommend. once upon a time, a church sat on top, thats gone, but still impressive read full review
History is fascinating
Eliza V , Peyia, Cyprus, 2015-03-18
It's great to look at and has an impressive history. Nothing else to do really. Take a stall from there down the Volodymirska St towards, Bohdana Knemelnitskogo, it offers a lovely walk and great... read full review
Fun to think about it
ontheroadagain1434 , Washington DC, District of Columbia, 2015-03-17
The gate is impressively large, so although it's been reconstructed it is still interesting to think about what the city would have looked like a thousand years ago when it was in use. read full review
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  • Dima, 09-07-2013

    Рекомендую Голден Гейт напротив входа метров 50!! Превосходный паулайнер и чудная атмосфера + работници радуют глаз))))

  • Andrey, 08-07-2013

    Совершенно иной вид без ларьков с шаурмой и торговых палаток, как на базаре, чесс слово.

  • Andria, 01-06-2013

    В сквере возле Золотых Ворот, со стороны ул. Золотоворотская стоит бронзовый Кот-Бегемот. Если его потереть, удача будет сопутствовать вам целый день))

  • Игорь, 10-05-2013

    Здесь все пацаны, которые въезжали В город платили лавэ...

  • Маруся, 25-04-2013

    Скоро откроется палатка чуть ли не единственного стоящего мороженого в городе - Валь-де-валь

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