Lavra Monastery Tour

Price from: 80 $
Duration: 3 hours

The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Monastery is the center of christianity in Ukraine and home to one of the biggest and most incredible cathedrals in Kiev. It is also home to a network of mystic underground caves that hide mummies of monks and saints. This fascinating site was voted as one of the Seven wonders of Kiev, and is absolutely a must-see for any tourist.

Founded by monks in the 11th century, the Monastery complex is a truly holy place for all Orthodox Christians in Ukraine, laying on the picturesque Dnieper hills. It is a home to many majestic churches built in Byzantine and Baroque style. Within the monastery complex you will also discover many museums, including the museum of Historical Treasures and Jewellery, the Museum of Ukrainian Decorative and Applied Art and the Museum of Miniatures. Lavra is also famous for its caves with ancient scrypts, which you will explore during the tour.

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