Kitaevo and Holoseevskiy monastery

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Duration: 4 hours

Kitaevo is a blessed place, where virgin nature is in harmony with humble living of the monastery. Long before taking Christian Religion, Poljane settlement lived on this territory, and later it was established a fortress city. The prince, Andrew Bogolubskiy, granted this land to Kiev-Pechersk monastery in 1159. During the period 11-17 centuries, many hermits, who were famous for their prayerfulness and prophecy, lived here. At the top of the hill, in lush verdure, we can see a wooden church, where there are the caves of monks, which are available for visiting. Unlike most of similar places, Kitaevo is rare visited by the tourists; thereby you can escape from a busy town to here and feel energy of this holy place.


There is also Holoseevskiy monastery near Kitaevo. It was built in 17 century, on the land bought by Metropolitan of Kiev, Peter Mogila. Later it was established Kiev-Pechersk skete. It was like a summer residence of the Metropolitans of Kiev, governed Lavra. In time, Holoseevskiy monastery was bordered, the caves appeared for the monks, who made the garden and grove. Many great martyrs took the monastic vows here. In 1926, Holoseevskiy monastery was abolished and the churches and buildings were destroyed. In 1979, the Reverend mother Alipija settled near the cloister. She was famous for her skills to heal the sick across the post-soviet countries. She also predicted revival of the monastery. It happened in 1993. 

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