House with Chimaeras or Gorodetsky House (Budynok z Khymeramy)

House with Chimaeras is one of the most mysterious and mystical structures in Kyiv. The ornate decorations depict exotic animals and hunting scenes. The house was originally constructed by architect Gorodetsky in the New Modern style for use as his own upmarket family apartment building, though, eventually he had to sell it due to financial troubles, after which it changed ownership numerous times. When the building was vacated, its interior and exterior decor were fully reconstructed and restored.
The building has been an official presidential residence, used for official and diplomatic ceremonies. It includes the rooms for negotiations, tête-à-tête talks, the signing of official documents, as well as a special room for the press.
Address: вул. Банкова, 10, Kiev
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  • Lufthansa, 20-03-2014

    Respected galleries, studios, exhibition spaces and art cafés can be found on the premises of the former Winzavod wine-bottling factory. More about Moscow in the LH Magazin iPad App (04/2014).

  • Aeroexpress, 16-10-2013

    Атмосферное место. Многим нравится за европейский дух. Винзавод - не только центр современного искусства, но и место, где можно найти концептуальные магазины: книжный «Фаланстер» или «Cosmotheca».

  • Aeroexpress, 16-10-2013

    WINZAVOD is the first and the biggest Сenter of Contemporary Art in our country with a great atmosphere and European spirit in it.

  • O'Shelly , 16-06-2013

    Любое проявление человеческого творчества (не путать с идиотизмом!) - это часть креативного опыта благодаря которому мы все объединяются! Вдохновляйтесь и вдохновляйте!!!делитесь красками своей души!

  • Anton, 06-03-2013

    Для всех желающих запечатлеть симбиоз невзрачности и безыдейности отечественного современного искусства.

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