Andriyivskyy Descent (Andriyivs’kyi Uzviz)

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Andriyivskyy Descent is a street in Kyiv, which is one of the most famous with local residents and tourists. Many historical events took place here, and many famous public figures lived on it.
This historic descent connects Kyiv's Upper Town neighborhood and the historically commercial Podil neighborhood. It is constructed of laid cobblestones.
Many artists lived here and worked right on the street, creating paintings, sculptures, and producing performances.
Today, the venue houses art galleries, the "One Street Museum", the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum and the St. Andrew's Church.
One may get here walking along Podil, also, it is close to "Kontraktova Ploscha" Metro Station.
Address: Андріївський узвіз, Kiev
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