Cossack Village

Price from: 110 $
Duration: 5 hours

Located just 4.2 miles (7 kilometers) from Khreschatyk there is an open-air museum, the Cossack Village of Mamajeva Sloboda. Its thematic exhibits are situated on the 9.2-hectare area and represent a full replica of a historical settlement depicting Ukrainian nature, architecture and the way of life. In addition, there is a nice place to have a rest — a lake with transparent water covered with water lilies. 

On this half-day tour to the village you will learn more about Ukrainian traditions and explore the way Cossacks lived. On top of the mound near the main entrance you will see the Scythian statue of Mamaj. Not far from the church, there is a windmill, which is the symbol of peaceful agriculture in Ukraine.

In Mamajeva Sloboda you will see the houses of the Church Warden, of a Cossack armor bearer, a blacksmith’s smithy, and a pottery workshop. Discover where the Fortune Teller lived and visit an apiary and the watermill.

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