Well-known art district of Beijing is a new branch in the development of Chinese culture. Located on the grounds of the factory, which produced electronic equipment.
Today we have a variety of artistic space, shops, restaurants and cafes. Modern area covers nearly 1 km square She has dozens of studios, exhibition halls and galleries. Here you can see the work of Liu Sola, Whether elephants, Khanga Tucana and other famous intellectuals of China
Address: , Beijing
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  • Greg, 30-04-2013

    Place for culture and art no more. Now it's mostly shops and entertainment. One of the typical boring tourist destination, that now has nothing to do with what made it famous on the first place.

  • José I., 25-04-2013

    Something is moving under the skin of Ancient China... and it is here!!

  • Alexander, 14-11-2012

    Nice for tourists, but better wait some exhibition to visit 798. Also good for shopping

  • Herbert, 24-04-2012

    the most famous and successful art district in all China, a hotbed for art galleries, art exhibitions and fashion and design events. very difficult to navigate inside the park.

  • Renaissance Hotels, 14-04-2012

    Start here, then gallery hop through a Bauhaus-style former industrial district packed with art, cafes and boutiques. For more local tips, follow us on 4sq or check out renhotels.com.

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