Scenic spots of Beijing. Cultural relic - the place where the ancient emperors of China worshipped the sun God. Originated in the era of the Ming and Qing. The main attraction is the Temple of the sun. The total area of 206 200 sqm Park has been repeatedly extended and completed.
Today the Park has a children's Playground, a separate sitting area for fishing, as well as many other entertainment venues.
Address: 6 Ritan N Rd, Beijing
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  • Beijing, 02-01-2014

    6 Ritan Beilu, Chaoyangmenwai,Chaoyang 朝阳区朝阳门外日坛北路6 号 Tel. 8563 5038 or 6502 5555

  • Noel, 09-11-2013

    Best ginkgo season end of Oct. Photo taken on Nov. 4.

  • Аленушка, 24-11-2012

    Вход свободный. Есть маленький парк аттракционов для деток до 7-8 лет . Цена на них от 10 юаней

  • Pawel, 30-08-2012

    Great park in the center, more locals than tourists!

  • Abdullah Al Mamun, 09-04-2012

    Loved this small place. I loved the stones and their reflection on water.

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