The Qianmen Street

The famous pedestrian and shopping street of Beijing. Previously Royal mountain road to the altar. The remnants of the old business center. Was formed in 1398 the Ming and Qing dynasties. Modern street was rebuilt in the 1920s-1930s, the Total area of 1.45 km square is Divided into four areas: culture, entertainment, food and shopping. There are over 80 popular shops.
Address: Qianmen St, Beijing
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  • Li, 13-04-2014

    Avoid bus rt 82 around noon if you're heading north to Luoguxiang, use rt 2 or the subway instead...

  • Maria, 23-03-2014

    Great pedestrian area for tourists. You can feel the Chinese culture and spirit. Beautiful architecture and delicious food on a stick.

  • Da, 22-03-2013


  • Big, 10-12-2012

    I'm alone backpacker. There's good and bad things in China.

  • Our Lady, 29-04-2012

    Famous pedestrian street, it has history of more than 570 years.

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