An independent organization. Center for contemporary art in Beijing. Opened in November 2007, During the years of its existence, the center held a lot of lectures and speeches. Has 4 exhibition halls, in the interior of which there are industrial elements. There is also a restaurant, an art store.
Address: 4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Beijing
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  • Kiryl, 27-04-2014

    Find a poster inside digital folklore book and you won't regret it ;)

  • GiulyGinevraB., 31-12-2013

    Yen Party. New Year's Eve 2013-2014. Great party, nice music and friendly people. But no taxi. 新年快乐

  • Renaissance Hotels, 22-05-2012

    The exhibits here feature China’s most cutting edge creators, and the shop is just as well curated, full of intriguing objets de art. For more local tips, check out

  • BMW i, 14-12-2011

    UCCA is contemporary, design-driven and totally non-profit. Always a full program of family events, talks with artists and films on.

  • Lisa Y., 23-10-2011

    798에서 시작해 798에서 끝나는 하루. 내일부터 특새 시작!!!

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