The Chaoyang Park

Cultural multifunctional Park. Founded in 1984 In the North-East of the Park is a ski area, a total area of 30 000 square meters In the Olympic games in 2008 there were competitions in beach volleyball. Plans for the construction of hotels, restaurants, private clubs, and other residential and non-residential property.
Address: Chaoyanggongyuan Bridge, Beijing
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  • Beijing, 02-01-2014

    Chaoyang Gongyuan Nanlu, between Third and Fourth Ring Roads, Chaoyang 朝阳区朝阳公园南路三环四环路之间 6595 3490 or 6595 3972 or 6595 3647

  • Gerald, 20-09-2013

    West gate entrance near Solona is usually quite for a stroll or a short rest on the grass. I love this park just because I can sit on the grass. My other favorite park in BJ is Ditan.

  • Veronika, 12-02-2013

    Beugró 10RMB. Ázsia legnagyobb parkja,sok zölddel,fával,sok sportpályával,csónakázótóval és vidámparkkal.

  • Tinytimes, 15-08-2012

    朝阳公园是拍外景的好去处,坏境优美。公园特别大,空气很清新,草地很青绿,这里还经常举办沙滩节,艺术节,文化节,音乐节之类的,每年春节时还会举办国际风情节!园里有特别多的儿童娱乐设施,就相当于游乐园了都,比较特别的是有个索尼探梦,非常适合带孩子来玩,同时家长带孩子来,在开发孩子智力的同时又能交到很多新的小朋友 。

  • Climate Action, 04-03-2012

    The north park of the park is also a great spot for a picnic and the frisbee. They sell cold beer from the small shops scattered around the park.

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