In the past, the Imperial garden, and today the city Park of Beijing. Has been incorporated in article X This is one of the largest gardens of the Chinese emperors. It extends over 69 hectares On the territory of the garden is its lake. And in the center at a height of 32 m. the island rises the Qianhai, and in the South Binjiang middle sea. In addition, there are many different attractions: Wall 9 dragons, Bai TA, Buddhist temples and other.
Address: 1 Wenjin St, Beijing
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  • Pavel, 25-05-2014

    В местном буфете есть песочное кольцо .

  • Veronika, 15-02-2013

    It was an imperial garden for the royal family's entertainment in ancient China. Now,it is a well-known tourist attraction to entertain tourists from all over the world.

  •, 21-08-2012

    Even though I visited this sprawling city center park laid out behind the Forbidden City almost daily, I never tired of clambering around Beihai’s temples, rock gardens, and lakeside paths.

  • Yang, 14-06-2012


  • Herbert, 14-04-2012

    conveniently located near the north gate of the Forbidden City, this is the natural next stop. walk up to the hill and enjoy the bird's eye view of the Forbidden City and Beijing.

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