The largest urban gardening throughout Asia. It has an area of 680 hectares Built in 2008 for the Olympic games. After the Park is open for visitors. There is a huge amount of fun. In its construction of the Park truly unique. On site lots of attractions and sculptures of the Olympics.
Address: 15 Beichen E Rd, Beijing
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  • Julien, 26-05-2014

    There're two opening hours: 6am-8pm for peak season, and 7am-7pm for off peak. No idea what the peak means but my guess will be from May to Nov. See attached photo for details.

  • Meng, 17-11-2013

    2008 Olympics were hold here and saved as a park. Good outdoor place for exercise, picnic and other outdoor activities.No entrance fee

  • Liu, 29-08-2013

    Great place for long distance run. 3, 5 or 10km one circle.

  • Charles, 18-08-2013

    晚上跑步的绝佳场所!有 3、5、10 公里三个长度的线路。运动的人很多,六点到八点是高峰期。公园晚上九点后静园禁入,想人少一点还是需要在这个时间点之前来。公园无存包处,袋子都悬挂在入口右侧小卖部不远的休息区,所以不要放置贵重物品,或把贵重物品随身携带。地铁森林公园站 A、B 口出站既是。附近停车位也很多。不过最重要的是在北京户外跑步出门前记得检查当天 PM2.5 指数。

  • 小草, 17-08-2013


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