National Museum of China

One of the largest museums in the country. In the past, the Museum of Chinese history and revolution. Its area reaches 70 000 sqm Collection includes 120 million Museum exhibits. Consists of 5 levels. Many permanent exhibitions, among which the Ancient China, the Road to revival, Coins of Ancient China, Buddhist sculpture and the art of Porcelain in Ancient China, Chinese furniture vintage collection of Ming and Qing dynasties, the architectural design of the national Museum and a brief history of the Museum.
Address: 16 E Chang'an Ave, Beijing
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  • Matt, 20-09-2013

    Best part is definitely the Ancient China exhibit that takes up the entire basement.

  • simply LANG™, 03-09-2013

    짐검사 함 -_- 매니큐어 반입 금지. 2위안 내구 맡겨야 함 --;

  • Elena, 04-08-2013

    It is prohibited to wear white shoes, they will become black after intensive queuing with Chinese folks

  • Ivan, 07-05-2013

    Вход бесплатный. Требуют китайский ID, но русский паспорт вполне подходит.

  • Ivan, 07-05-2013

    Насмотритесь на горшки на год вперёд. Огромная коллекция, рассказывающая о традициях горшкостроения от палеолита до наших дней.

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