National center for water sports

Large water project in Beijing. Known as the "Water club" was created in 2008, was Used during the Olympics for synchronized swimming and diving. It has an area of nearly 80,000 square meters, Its design in the form of a cube filled with water, was developed by the Austrian designer. Designed for 6,000 permanent seats and 11,000 temporary seats outside. Today it is used for various events and shows.
Address: 11 Tianchen E. Rd., Beijing
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  • Beijing, 13-01-2014

    Olympic Green, Beichen Lu, Chaoyang 朝阳区北辰路奥林匹克公园

  • Alexander, 05-09-2013

    Не берите экскурсию, покажут все за пять минут и отпустят покупать сувениры.

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