National center of performing arts

Ellipsoidal dome covered with titanium plates. Popularly called "the Egg". Originally built as a Large Opera house. Its area is 118 930 sqm Built in 2007, Consists of catering, art galleries and exhibitions, audio-video center and the fifth space. The three main auditorium can accommodate 6 500 spectators.
Address: 2 W. Chang'an Ave., Beijing
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  • Yannick, 16-09-2013

    Come and see Needcompany tonight or tomorrow! Best theatre company in Europe and 1st time here.

  • , 17-08-2013


  • Андрей, 25-05-2013

    Здание просто потрясающее по красоте. / The building is simply stunning in its beauty.

  • Ari, 02-05-2013

    Çin bu sanata ne kadar değer verdiğini yaptığı bina ile kanıtlanmış.

  • Greg, 04-02-2013

    The place is much larger, than it seems from the outside. Acoustics is great. There is a small bar (terrible) on one side and a small sandwich shop (equally bad) on the other. Great concerts!

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