Topkapı Sarayı Haremi

Topkapı Sarayı Haremi -legendary Palace, which is the pride of the Turkish people and valuable cultural and historical heritage, together with the world famous Harem, into the mystery of who wanted to penetrate many.

There is the Harem in the Topkapi Palace, which is object number one to visit in the city and is located in the district Hoca Pasa Mh, minutes from attractions such as the Hagia Sophia and right next to the Istanbul archaeological Museum.

The entrance to the Harem is charged separately and it costs 15 Turkish Lira, and to go into it will need a different entrance. Usually visitors open some rooms are available with rooms where they kept the concubines, also to the main hall, which hosted the festival and free time concubines, and of course rest rooms principal women of the Empire.

Surcharge wishing I can access other rooms. To get around all the rooms of the Harem in 30 minutes. To photograph in this part of the Palace is not allowed.
Address: Topkapı Sarayı, İstanbul
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Ottoman palace
Turgan Ö , 2015-05-21
It's very interesting place but it takes minimum half a day to see everything. It gives you idea about Ottoman Emperors's life. I really liked it . Also there is a nice restaurant in the Palace... read full review
Historical site
Figure8taz , Edmonton, Canada, 2015-05-21
There is so much to see & the history is incredible. Expect to spend at least the day there are long queues . read full review
Everything it claims to be
Badpierre , Sunderland, United Kingdom, 2015-05-21
Don't expect to do this in a hurry. There is so much to see that even allowing yourself 4 hours might just be skimping it. find a guide and pay the extra, it's not a significant amount to be given a... read full review
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  • Cey, 15-03-2014

    Girişte Karaağalar, sonrasında ise sırasıyla Cariyeler Taşlığı, Valide Sultan Dairesi ve Valideler Taşlığı, en son da Gözdeler Taşlığını gezip Altın Yol'dan geçerek çıkışına geldiğiniz şahane mekan.

  • HAKAN, 21-01-2014

    Tarihi süper bir yer süleyman olmak geldi icimden :))

  • o0ofareso0o, 27-12-2013

    Nice place where you will find everything about othmani sultans and the way were they lived.

  • Sadık, 04-08-2013

    Buraya tavsiye birakmak hadsizlik olur ;) Ottoman Empire

  • Ceyda, 01-08-2013

    Birsürü tarihi eser var ama ama hepsi depoda koyacak yerimiz yok diyorsunuz ama odaların içi bomboş!!!!

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