The Sultanahmet or Blue mosque (Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque))

The biggest mosque of Istanbul. Has six minarets, four, as usual, on the sides, and two slightly less high — on the outer corners. It is considered an outstanding example of Islamic and world architecture. The mosque is located on the shores of the Marmara sea in the historical centre of Istanbul in Sultanahmet across from the Museum of Aya Sofia. The mosque is one of the symbols of the city.
Address: Atmeydanı Cad. Sultanahmet, İstanbul
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Stunning building
Kenmorsu , Murcia, Spain, 2015-05-21
The building is known as the Blue Mosque. When I was in the square in front of the building there were a lot of tourist and local people. Quite difficult get a clear photo, however there's a... read full review
Amazing piece of achitecture and mosaic & glass art
Marta P , 2015-05-21
I loved Sultanahmet Camii or Blue Mosque! It's so large and so intricate! The only reason for 4 instead of 5 rating is that some tourists were quite irrespectful speaking at normal / loud voice... read full review
Incredibly beautiful!!!!!!
carole B , London, United Kingdom, 2015-05-21
Not being at all religious,...Ive found the most peaceful and incredible atmosphere of calm in this magnificent takes you away...the ceiling alone is worth a visit...and if you go just... read full review
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  • Turkish Airlines, 27-01-2014

    Impressed by the magnificent domes of the Blue Mosque? Check out this article for some more great ceilings from around the world.

  • Turkish Airlines, 04-12-2013

    Did you know that the four enormous pillars in the Sultanahmet Mosque are called “Elephant Feet”?

  • İbrahim, 13-09-2013

    Allah-u teâlânın affetmeye bahane aradığını hepimiz iyi biliyoruz. Öyleyse gelin tövbe edip af dileyelim..

  • ArDaCan ❇, 03-08-2013

    Kardeşliğin daimi olduğu, sevgilerin birleştiği dostlukların hiç bitmediği, belki durgun, belki yorgun, yine de mutlu, yine de sevgi dolu nice kandillere.

  • нαғızuʟнıѕнαм, 19-07-2013

    Do not expect everyone to feel about Allah the way you do, because the way you feel about Allah is the gift from Allah only for you.

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