Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi

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Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi is the most interesting and fascinating Museum in Istanbul, which is a colorful exhibition dedicated to technological progress with interactive elements.

There is a Museum in the famous Turkish Beyoglu district, right on the shore of the Golden Horn.
Easy to get here on any form of transport, but will be the most convenient metrobus fare which costs 2 Turkish Lira.

The Museum occupies two large buildings and outdoor space and a piece of water expanses.

There are exhibitions related to aviation, the history of the development of public transport, railway, and automobile and high-precision electronics.

Neither children nor adults will not be left indifferent by visiting this Museum, because almost every piece can be turned in the hands, in cars, airplanes, and cars can go, many of their exhibits are interactive, with sound and movement. There are also mannequins, and rare things, and retro pieces. Would be fun to blow giant soap bubble.

To spend in the Museum all day, not even knowing the Turkish language. He works from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 18:00, in the spring and summer the Museum is open until 20:00.

Ticket price (14 lire per adult and 6 for students.
Address: Hasköy Cad. No:5, İstanbul
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very interesting industrial museum
Turgan Ö , 2015-05-21
I really liked all. Because It is possible to see all developments in the history of industry. Boats, cars, trains, planes, ships, all kind of electric and electronic equipments etc. You must go and... read full review
Great views
Koray K , 2015-05-21
One of the best maintained and richest museums in Istanbul that mainly focuses on Industry and industrial history. There are many historical pieces such as an old passenger plane, a submarine, many... read full review
Museum with a difference
Charmaine v , Istanbul, Turkey, 2015-05-20
This is more of a collection than a museum as such - it has beautiful collections of a wide variety of items (eg cars, boats, bicycles, prams, household equipment etc) There are working models, as... read full review
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  • Vogue Turkiye, 29-01-2014

    Müzeyi seviyoruz, ama müze dükkanlarını da bir o kadar çok! Buradaki model oyuncaklar, obje desenli defterler, anahtarlıklar bir harika! Ama en çok baskılı yastıkları ve masa örtülerini beğeniyoruz.

  • Asya, 19-12-2013

    Classical cars, a real submarine, real planes& helicopters etc simply WOW! Must see!

  • Sinan, 03-12-2013

    Her yaştan insana hitap eden müthiş bir müze, mutlaka ziyaret edin.

  • Ekshe, 07-10-2013

    Cok guzel dizayn edilmis. Iceri girer girmez cok farkli bi havaya giriyo insan.

  • Alp, 30-08-2013

    Arabamin aynisindan müzede de gördüm,ama benimkisi daha güzel :)

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