Disco Entertainment Tour

Price from: 99 €
Duration: 4 hours

According to your music wishes (jazz, tecno, latin, house) we can prepare special programs. 

Istanbul nights under the stars!!!

Belly dancer

Night Tour

Nightlife Spot: Sortie Type 

Nightclub Description: Sortie is one of the most popular summer night clubs of Istanbul… It's open air. Everybody knows about Sortie in Istanbul, it's so much popular… ;) At Sortie music starts at 19:30 and lasts until 4:00 in the morning… In the club you can find Park Samdan, Le Select, Mezzaluna, Lounge Circus restaurants and clubs. 

Dress Code: You have to be well dressed… Very fancy is suggested… Usually V.I.P. and famous people goes to Laila. In the entrance you can see alot of paparazzi… Ooooppss! 

Disco Tour: 22:00pm - 02:00am     



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